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One Week in July 2014

Engineering Camp Charlotte’s 2014 Enrollment Process filled up quickly. This is the first year for the program held at Queen’s University in Rogers Hall. Elementary and middle school students made up the attendees for the camps held weekly during July this year. Students from NCSU and local High School Students were the leaders of these excited younger students. All of the projects worked on were based on math, science, technology that are applicable to today’s life styles

My schedule allowed me to make a trip on Thursday, July 17th in the a.m. schedule time. “Carr” Hughes showed me around the entire camp, introduced me to the College, High School Students and her staff. Watching her move around talking to the kids, staff was like observing a Program Manager while they manage the Project Managers in a large corporation. Cellphone in one hand, a walkie talkie in the other and a mind that never was in neutral. We toured different rooms, labs and watched several projects in process including an “Egg Crash Gravity Car” where the students are given a mobile platform which they must then modify with safety equipment, release it at the top of a 1×6 elevated board to roll down into a concrete cinder block without the egg either falling out, being injected or rolling off of the board. Balloons attached to the front made up the bumper system, cotton balls packed into the interior around the egg made up the safety system. These vehicles are open air convertibles so no doors, glass, roof. You can imagine the excitement with one team pitted against another.

They also designed using the new technology 3D with printers donated by the corporation who invented the technology. There were hydraulic arms made up of rubber bands, plastics components, vinyl tubing, foam and wood sticks. A “hex bug” matrix’s were on display created by the students. Raspberry PI Model B computers were in one of the computer labs the students worked on. Nanotechnology is another part of the camp. All of the above evolved around the Engineering Design Concept of “Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create and Improve”. The challenges were addressed by teaching the students to do Systems Thinking, inject Optimism, Communicate with one another, take into consideration Ethical Considerations, Collaborate with one another and use Creativity.

Some of the attendees came from as far away from Charlotte as Monroe, Davidson with one student who is visiting Grandmother from Columbia, S.C. and Grand mom wanted her to be exposed to the camp. Our future is in the type of minds and hands I saw Thursday. For one, I’m not worried at all, rather excited about what these guys will do next.


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Kick-Off Event
Senior Section Dinner Event
Thursday, September 18th

Senior Section Plant Tour Event
Thursday, October 16th

Senior Section Plant Tour Event
Thursday, November 20th

Senior Section Spouse Night Dinner Event
Thursday, December 11th

Senior Section Dinner Event
Thursday, January 15th

National Engineers Week
Senior Section Dinner Event
Thursday, February 26th

Senior Section Dinner Event
Thursday, March 19th

Senior Section Plant Tour Event
Thursday, April 16th

Senior Section Dinner Event
Thursday,May 21st

Awards Night
Senior Section Dinner Event
Thursday, June 18th










Past Events

  • Saturday, June 7th 7 P.M.

    ASME Family Night at BB&T Ballpark

    Home of the Charlotte Knights, AAA affiliate of the Chicago White Sox.

    Opponent, Columbus (Ohio) Clippers, AAA affiliate of the Cleveland Indians










Professional Development


    Professional Development and Development of the Profession


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    Engineering Camp Check Presentation




    The Piedmont-Carolina ASME Senior Section is dedicated to the development of the Engineering profession. To that end, we support The College of Engineering at North Carolina State University (NCSU) and their branch of their Youth Engineering Summer Program in Charlotte. We refer to this as “Development of the Profession”. Our ASME Section has donated a fund to be used for enrollment fees for those who may assistance in the enrollment cost. On February 20th at our Dinner Event in celebration of National Engineers Week a check was presented to the Carr Hughes the Engineering Camp Charlotte. Mrs. Hughes stated “As you know, there are thousands of students in Mecklenburg and surrounding areas who do not have the means to attend such a program. You are making it possible. You may change the very course of a child’s life with this donation. This scholarship fund will enable seven students to attend Engineering Camp Charlotte. Your contribution will make a huge difference in a child’s life and for that, we are extremely grateful”.      

    More information may be found on their web site: www.EngineeringCampCharlotte.com.