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Piedmont Carolinas Section 2018-2019 Leadership 

Chairman – David Summers

Vice-Chairman – Omar Alboga

Treasurer – Chris Myers 

Section Schedule 2018 – 2019

  • August – Confirmed – Pioneer Bearing Presentation at Longhorn Steaks – COMPLETE
  • September – No Meeting
  • October – No Meeting
  • NovemberConfirmed – ASME/SME Presentation and Tour at CPCC Advanced Technology Center – 11/27/18 5 pm
  • December ConfirmedASME/SME Presentation and Tour at ABB Large Motor Facility – 12/6/18 11 am
  • January – Tentative – Ward Tank Tour
  • February Tentative – Community Outreach Event – Science Olypiad
  • MarchTentative – Section Lunch Meeting with ANS at Duke Energy
  • April Tentative – Charlotte Aviation Museum Tour
  • MayTentative  – Joint Society Golf Outing / Social













Past Events

  • ASME 3D Printing Chuck Hull of 3D Systems Corp


    Wednesday May 18th

    3D Systems ASME Engineering Landmark Ceremony

    May 18, 2016, 2:25pm EDT Ken Elkins Senior Staff Writer Charlotte Business Journal

    Rock Hill-based 3D Systems Corp. co-founder Chuck Hull is now in the history books. He has a plaque with his name on it as the inventor of 3D printing, thanks to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. This morning, the ASME named Hull’s SLA-1 3D printer a Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark, one of just two or three inventions or sites that get the honor each year. The ceremony was conducted in the 3D Systems headquarters before about 50 attending

    Hull, 77, who is the chief technology officer at 3D Systems (NASDAQ: DDD), was honored to have his 1983 invention named an engineering landmark. “I tend to invent things,” he says, recalling his time at a California company, trying to convince the president that 3D printing will be the movement of the future. “No way,” Hull remembers the exec responding. “We don’t have the time or money for that.” Hull persevered and was able to cobble together a machine that made a green plastic cup-like object. 3D printing was born. Three years later, Hull co-founded 3D Systems. In 1987, he and others put together the SLA-1 printer, 3D Systems’ first printer sold commercially.

    Bob Sims, past president of ASME, says the nomination for the group’s landmark program began two years ago. “Chuck represents the face of innovation,” he says.

    Today, it’s the medical uses of his machines that bring tears to Hull’s eyes. Doctors used 3D printed figures of conjoined Egyptian twins to model how they would cut apart the youngsters in 2009. And there’s Beee, who lost his jaw and teeth to an explosion and was converted from a “curious kid to an invalid,” Hull says. Doctors used a 3D model of Beee’s face to visualize how they would convert a piece of his bone into a new jaw. A 3D printer also made drill and cutting guides to illustrate how the new jaw would be attached to his skull. Beee told Hull he remembered the result of the surgery as  “when he got his smile back.”

    3D Systems moved to Rock Hill in 2006 but Hull remains in his native California, where the company also keeps one of its R&D units.

    Wednesday March 16th

    Sencera, Inc.

    Sencera Energy
    Innovative Energy Conversion Systems


    17 ASME Section members attended a dinner event and heard  Rusty Jewett, Ph.D. , founder and CEO of

    Sencera Energy. . Dr. Jewett has 25 years of experience developing semiconductor manufacturing tools and other hardware.

    Saturday February 20th

    Part of our N.E.W. Celebration

    February 2016

    UNCC Event – For our February event We had about 100-125 parents, student and general public for the UNCC event. Tim Ezell our NASA Manager was a big hit with students.

    Thursday, January 21ST.

    “New Power Technology at Duke Energy”

    Multiple Applications

    39 attended Thomas Golden’s presentation on new technology in the world of one of the leading Energy providers in the country. In this role, Thomas has the opportunity to focus on the technical capabilities as well as the business value proposition of emerging distributed energy resources.


    Joint ASME Sections and PENC November Family Event

    Saturday, November 14th, 2015


    RCR tour on Nov 14th. 2   RCR tour on Nov 14th.


    31 people signed up for our tour of the RCR race shop on November 14th. It was an outstanding tour hosted by Noah McKay of RCR. Everyone who attended remarked that it was a great full access tour including the engine shop.  Attending were several couples, a few kids. Most people indicated they would visit the winery nearby. There were two BBQ restaurants nearby.  Most everyone mentioned they were doing BBQ, naturally.

    UNCC EPIC Center Tour – Presentation Event

    October 14th, 2015

    UNCC EPIC Center

                            UNCC EPIC Center



    Successful Events from September 2014 through May 2015

    Mark Delgado / CLT Joules & Koyr

    Mark Delgado / CLT Joules & Koyr

    Joel Olsen, President / O2 Energies, Inc.

    Joel Olsen, President / O2 Energies, Inc.

    Dirk A. Lindenbeck CEO / Stainless Valve Company

    Dirk A. Lindenbeck CEO / Stainless Valve Company

    John Laurence Busch / Steam Coffin – Joint with ANS

    John Laurence Busch / Steam Coffin – Joint with ANS

    Peter Tuz / Siemen’s Plant Tour

    Peter Tuz / Siemen’s Plant Tour

    Ryan Thigpen Operations Manager / AeroDyn Wind Tunnel, LLC

    Ryan Thigpen Operations Manager / AeroDyn Wind Tunnel, LLC

    Dr. Mirsad Hadzikadic, PhD. / Joint Senior Group – Student Group Big Data

    Dr. Mirsad Hadzikadic, PhD. / Joint Senior Group – Student Group
    Big Data

    Development Conference

    Development Conference

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    Dinner Events and Plant Tours of 2013 – 2014 Calendar Year Brochure










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