Bring a Potential Member

Bring a Potential Member Reward

(Senior Group Members)

Purpose: To encourage Senior Group Members who have co-workers at their place of employment or know of a ME in the Engineering community of our Group to bring them to an Event.
• The Guest is not charged for attending.
• A Guest is defined as a person who is involved in the Engineering Profession and who is not a
Member of ASME.

Reward: The Group Member who brings the most Guest at the end of the 2014 – 2015 calendar year will be awarded with a certificate allowing him/her to attend all Dinner Events for the calendar year of 2015 – 2016 at no charge.
• End of year recognition: The Group Member who brings the most Guest during the current ASME Calendar year (Sept. –May) will receive special recognition in the form of a certificate and write up on the web sites (2) as well as in the Newsletter.
• The Guest who attend will receive information on ASME membership and will be followed up with to encourage their joining ASME.

• If you are a Senior Group Member make reservations, identify your Guest by name, employer, position and their email.
• Both of you will be added to the reservation list for that Event.
• Your Guest does not need to purchase a ticket for that Event. We do however need a head-count for all Events.