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Robots come to Davidson Elementary School

(with assistance from your local ASME Section)

Earlier this year your Section purchased two Lego Robotics Kits for the above. Here is a recent update from the CMS Teacher designated to work on this project “Information just went home to kids yesterday, and I’m hoping to select the team on Friday. Clubs will officially start October 10th (2:30 – 3:30). I have a parent who is letting us borrow two laptops for programming purposes (much easier than trying to borrow them from CMS!), and who will help my husband build 1-2 practice competition tables. We will either use my room or an empty trailer for practice since either will have wide open spaces. Teams will consist of fourth and fifth graders.

For what we still need, volunteers to help the kids would be great. I don’t necessarily need a huge crowd of people on the first day since I’m going to go over some basics that day as an example teamwork, handling the materials, responsibility, overview to robotics, etc.), but volunteers throughout the year would be wonderful. If anyone wants to help with purchasing materials for the table(s) or even building them, that could also be useful. We are planning to do that on a Saturday — either the 11th or the 18th.

Hmm — think that covers it? We don’t have information about the CMS competition, but I expect that will come later. In the meantime, the big goal will be getting students familiar with design and programming.”

With the need for volunteers to work on this outreach project, what are you doing?