Omar Alboga, Vice Chair

Vice Chair Description

The Vice Chair should be aware of the goals of the Group and capable of stepping in and taking the leadership role of the Group in the absence of the Chair. They should have the commitment of moving into the role of the Chair once the Chairperson is ready to move into a Group Director role. The Vice-Chair should be willing to accept “Special Assignments” from the Chair and realize that the Chair should not have to do it all.


Omar Alboga is a highly experienced mechanical design engineer with experience in a variety of machinery. Omar is based in Charlotte, NC and has been a proud active ASME member for 5 years. Omar works for Cavotec USA   in Mooresville. Prior to that  he worked  for Ingersoll Rand at the headquarters in Davidson, and for Enser corporation for engineering services.

Omar is experienced in design, documentation, fabrication and project management.  Omar’s professional career focus includes different types of machinery, paper machines, assembly lines, reels, alternative shore power system, moormasters, alternative maritime power trailers, panzerbelts. He is an E.I.T working towards his P.E. license in North Carolina.