Our Interest in Professional Development

Recent Professional Development Course

On February 22nd this year in conjunction with National Engineers Week, our Group held a Professional Development Course on Heat Transfer and Heat Exchangers Instructed by Don McConnell, PE. The course was well attended with 18 Engineers from the local area registering. This was the first of it’s type offered by our Group and the results were encouraging. We need to have more!

Some of the feed-back comments were “I am happy to report that I got a lot out of Don’s presentation on Saturday. . I felt that Don did a great job and I will be able to use a lot of the material presented in performing my current job function. Thanks for selecting an excellent topic and presenter”.

“Thank you for the effort in presenting the course. I thought it was well done and very worthwhile. The price was right and Saturdays are probably my best time for such a course considering I have a ways to travel. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and I enjoyed his presentation”.

“The course  was very thorough and packed with a lot of information. Don is very knowledgeable on thermal design of exchangers. I would say the second half of the seminar got very detailed and much of what he said went over the heads of most people there, to be honest. But that’s ok, I think everyone there learned a lot. This kind of detailed thermal design training was a bargain at this price. I think more courses like this on a variety of topics would be a good idea for the Group”.


Our Interest in Professional Development

In an effort to support the Engineering Profession in our ASME Groups geographical area, the Piedmont-Carolina ASME Group acknowledges that Career Development may be defined as the accumulation and cultivation of skills and knowledge that enable a professional to advance or grow in the field of his or her choice. This can take the form of educational or academic courses, professional certification and training, or practical, on-the-job experience. In the field of mechanical engineering, one of the keys to career development is certification, a portable reflection of the fact that an individual has achieved a certain skill level.

For that reason we are interested in the individual as well as industries who are willing to join us in developing Professional Training courses and offering same on an as needed bases.

Technology & Society have been inextricably linked for thousands of years. Linkages expand and yet tighten with every technology advance from movable type to powered flight to electronics and computers. The countless impacts on one another range from globalization and war to ever-greater energy consumption, rising material standards of living and longer, healthier lives plus myriad advances in education and engineering (simulation, analysis, sensors, etc.).

Management & Professional Practice refers to the ability of a company, in the form of its business leaders, to invoke certain standards of operation. This can include everything from the proper documentation of intellectual property, to invoking an understanding of better customer service and interaction with other companies within the field, to promoting greater diversity and teamwork within an organization.
Early Career Engineers in today’s world we recognize this as a time when employees need high levels of encouragement and mentorship in the field of mechanical engineering, Early Career Engineers are defined by the ASME as those who have been a professional for 0 to 10 years.



ASME Piedmont-Carolina Group Fellows

Dr. Elmer L. Knoedler, PhD, PE – 1963
Stanley W. Lovejoy Jr, PE – 1974
Jacob B. Freed – 1980
Dr. David H. C. Pai, PhD. – 1981
Joseph S. Davis Jr, PE – 1988
Robert E. Miller, PE – 1991
Samuel Korellis – 2001
Dr. Robert E. Johnson , PhD – 2002
Dr. John C. Ziegert , PhD – 2003
Dr. Wen-Jeng Chen , PhD, PE – 2004
Raymond R. Weidler – 2005
Dr. Ronald E. Smelser , PhD, PE – 2006
Kevin Smith – 2007
James R. Long – 2008
Mindy Grinnan – 2009
Rick D. Dixon , PE – 2009
Dr. Robin N. Coger, PhD.- 2010
Joseph Cook Jr. – 2012

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