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Message from the Senior Group Chairperson

My visit with Richmond Community College

On Thursday, April 24th I drove to Hamlet and visited the new Engineering facility in the Forte Building. If you are a Senior Group Member and live/work in Richmond, Montgomery, Anson, Stanley and Union counties you need to read further.

I met with Amir Niczad, Faculty/Engineering Division Chair, Annie Smith, Lead Instructor, Mechanical Engineering Technology (also the ASME Student Group Faculty Advisor) and Jason Dailey who is a Student in the MET program. The purpose of the trip was at their request to find out what needs to be done in order to re-establish the ASME Chartered Student Group at RCC. After reviewing the Senior Group website and giving them a quick review of our Group , I asked the question “Why are you interested in re-vitalizing the Student Group ”?

While the faculty answers differed somewhat from the student answers there was a common thread. My interpretation was that they all wanted our Group to bring value-added benefit to their table. On the drive back to Charlotte I reflected on the conversation and came to the conclusion “isn’t that what each of us want from ASME and the local Group ”? RCC is motivated by the current economic needs in their primary county however they see the big picture in what their end product (engineering grads) is. The skills they can take to either the next level of education or the current market place and employers.

An example are the labs they have in operation:
Mechanical Engineering Lab / CAD Lab / Machining Technology Lab / Welding Technology Lab / Industrial Systems Lab / Automation Lab / Flex Lab (use for ceramic Tile and events) / Hydraulics & Pneumatics Lab / Electronics Lab / Computer Lab / Electrical Systems Lab. With the newly re-vamped building most are new. They have a web site http://engineering.richmondcc.edu/ which gives you a better picture. The excitement of reaching out to the younger generation in the local school systems is there also. They too are talking about a Camp for those interested in Engineering.

Why did I suggest if you live/work in the counties above that you read this? Think “business partners”, think apprentice programs if you work for a firm near them and are having challenges finding the right skill set in welding, electronics, machining, CAD design, etc. Sometimes the rock you are looking for can be found in your back yard. If you are an Engineering Professional and are interested in promoting same, think, “What can I do to partner with a Student Group in making sure there others following in my foot-steps?”
Bob Simril
Piedmont Carolina Senior Group 
(252) 675-8500




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Annie Smith

Annie Smith
Lead Instructor, Mechanical Engineering Technology, ASME Faculty Advisor

Richmond Community College – AAS Mechanical Engineering Technology
UNC-Charlotte – BS Mechanical Engineering Technology